Hi beautiful plant people, welcome to my store! My name is April, and I have a passion for beautiful and unusual plants. I am a Horticulturist, have a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture specializing in Horticulture and Greenhouse Management, and have worked in the Horticulture industry for almost twenty years. I operate my business out of Everett, Washington, and my plants come from local growers in the state of Washington and shipped directly to you. April Horticulture is passionate about supplying healthy, thriving plants to customers so they can enjoy them in their home and garden.


Plants are wise teachers connecting us to Mother Earth.

Nurturing plants and watching them grow is therapeutic and magical

and it is my wish to share that gift with you. 

I LOVE BEES and all of our products are Neonicotinoid free. My edible plants are grown without being treated with pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. 


Are you ready to have some beautiful plants delivered to your door?

Please visit the shop to see the latest arrivals, you’re sure to find a plant that speaks to you.



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